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Funny story that I'll keep brief...I am very rural like out in country... I call Hughesnet and ask 1 simple question.."Can i play on xbox live with this internet"...they say yes i can so i spend nearly 600$ on equipment and get the best I can...come to find out you absolutely positively cannot play live Xbox or do much of anything else when they throttle ur speeds after 10 days cuz they say you already used ur allowance of the fast speeds that mind you still cannot play live..when i call these bums to cancel they say "no prob" it'll just be a 400$ fee to do it... ya im stuck for exactly 24 months but i swear this lying manipulating company will not ever see another dime outta me...but to them they know that they already got me.... now I will make it my duty at least try and save some poor soul..thank y'all for listening...

1. Speed has nothing to do with xbox live issues, it's the minimum 500ms latency that's inherent to *every* satellite internet system. Technically, you can play anything you want. I download games and get on xbox live just fine. It doesn't mean it will play well or that you'll be able to even come close to win in a head-to-head situation. Bottom line: you asked the wrong question.


2. Punctuation and spelling helps to get your point across better. 'Cause ya, I'm sure you're not 12 anymore.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.
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Now that you've discovered this SUPPORT COMMUNITY, instead of invading other people's support request threads with your opinion, why not use it for what it is intended?  - Reply has subesquently been moved to its own thread by a moderator.  


If your sales call was no more than a few months ago, you have the option of requesting a sales call review, which may be beneficial to you regarding the Early Termination Fee when cancelling.  You can do so in the same category in which you rudely invaded the other person's support request thread (myAccount and Billing) with a post of absolutely no value.  Whether you choose to do this is entirely up to you.  


And if you think this company "will not ever see another dime outta me", you evidently don't know what happens when a company puts what you owe into collections.  

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