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windows 10 vs Linux

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windows 10 vs Linux

my opion is linux is more stable then windows 10 , only version of windows 10 i will use all is  win10 lstb 2016  most stable version of 10 ive used  1903 and up plane out ,,,,,,,, sucks        rebooting my system in the middle of graphic work is hogg wash shame on microsoft..... Not my fault.

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My personal preference is Windows 10.  I've not had any issues with it.  I do have Linux Mint on a separate HDD in my desktop, but it's been a while since I fiddled around with it.  If I ever had a reason to dump Windows, Linux Mint is what I would go with, for sure.    


My Raspberry Pis use Raspbian for a standard OS, which is a Linux distro.  It works well.

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