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Funny story called to cancel,

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Justin Hill
New Member

Funny story called to cancel,

Funny story. I called to cancel service because of constant issues over past 3 months, and they had to put me on hold cause their internet wasn't working! Next they said after three months of barely any help or service they are charging me to cancel service and I have to remove all equiment and send back including the satellite!!! This has to be the absolute worse company I have dealt with in many years!!!! I will make sure every one I come in contact hears this story!!! Oh Ya I'm in a nice spot where I meet plenty of new comers to my area!!!!
Justin Hill
New Member

We talked with sales and the installer about our usage and we were assured everything would be more than what we needed! So why not I thought!! Well it wasn't a week when I had to call and ask for help. Then we got the big run around of how they couldn't up our plan for some crazy issue over their programming that lasted 2 months with some little token help here and there but still no solution!! Then they were miraculously able to up the plan but it was used up In 14 days. Now all I was asking for was cancel without a charge since we were slightly mislead. However, I understand contracts and will let every new comer I meet and actually my wife also has said she already is making dang sure every one she meets in a fast pasted coffee shop as well knows what a terrible service it is here!!!!

Hello Justin,

Thanks for the post and welcome to the community. We're sorry you're having a poor experience and we want to address your concerns, so please post a case number or the serial number
located at the back of your modem so we can pull up your account.

- Warren

    You are absolutely correct.  This service is very much substandard.  I have tried every suggestion from the advisers, and nothing has worked.  I will suck it up, cancel and pay the $400.00.  I will also go on every forum such as Yelp and many others to get the word out.  I also know someone that does the commercial janitorial service for our local Channel 9 News . He is going to ask the President of Operations to see if I can get them to do a news report about this company.        They have a segment every so often called 'Nine News on Your Side'.  We all need to stick together to get the word out what a scam this is.  It's difficult because our lives are busy and that is what they count on.  They met their match this time.  I'm not done with them.  It is not fair what they are doing to subcribers.

    I have read all the excuses provided by them.  About the contracts- 'Even though you did not phisically sign, you signed when the modem was activated'  Really?  We did not even know Hughesnet was installing their system when we signed with Dish Network.  'Screaming Fast' internet?  Gag me.  I'm tired of being taken advantage of.

Does not matter.  Others still can read it.  The same is going to all other forumns (with spelling corrections of course).

Hi cgattoni,


Welcome to our community! We request that any users who need assistance for an individual issue please create a new topic so that we can address you directly. I've already located your account and will be reviewing it in anticipation of your post.


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