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Gen 5 Upgrade

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Gen 5 Upgrade

I have been a HughesNet customer for a little less than 1 year, I have 12 months remaining on my initial contract.  Can I upgrade to the Gen 5?  If so, will I get the introductory offer?  What else shoud I know that I haven't asked regarding upgrading?

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Re: Gen 5 Upgrade



As far as I know you should be able to upgrade to Gen5.  As for the offers, because you are still in a contract, I'm not sure.  Your best bet is to call them and ask.  The phone sales reps can usually give you the best deals, and you don't have to upgrade if you don't like the deal offered.  


As for asking anything else, with you already being aware of the abilities and limitations of satellite internet, there's nothing I can really think of. 


You can use the phone number on the Hughesnet site.  I'm posting the address to the site, itself, as the phone number on the site sometimes changes.

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