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Gen6 and the future


Gen6 and the future

Wandering about Gen 6 and the future of hughes net in 2020 +  since there is so many new competitors comming to market .. i wander havent herd any thing has any one herd on future services from Hughes or what ????????


i wander its been over 2 yrs i been on hughes wander ???????? what the next sat and tech for hughes will look like ??????????????????????

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Distinguished Professor III

Re: Gen6 and the future

Whatever plans they have, we'll find out when they announce them.

Distinguished Professor IV

Re: Gen6 and the future

The last I read was that the Echostar 24 satellite is to launch in early 2021.  It will provide speeds up to 100Mbps and will have a capacity of more than 500Gbps, which is a good bit more than both the ES17 and ES19 combined.  Part of it (50Gbps worth) will be supplying internet across Canada through Explorenet.  It's likely that the rest will be for service on a widespread basis across the Americas, but I'm sure at least some of that capacity will be available to us.  


Whether the service it will provide will be Gen6, I don't know.

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