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Hughes Successfully Launches High-throughput Satellite

Setting the stage for the next generation of HughesNet Gen5 satellite Internet service


EchoStar XIX, the world’s highest-capacity broadband satellite, will power HughesNet® Gen5, the next generation of the nation’s #1 high-speed satellite Internet service. HughesNet Gen5 will deliver more speed, more data and more advanced features for consumers and small businesses with limited Internet access options.

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EchoStar XIX launched on December 18, 2016 from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Check out the coverage!
Hughes invented satellite Internet and has over 40 years in the satellite business.
Hughes is a global leader in satellite broadband, with more than 5 million satellite systems installed in over 100 countries.
HughesNet Gen5 is based on the experience and expertise of bringing high-speed satellite Internet service to more than 1 million American consumers and small businesses for 15+ years.
HughesNet was recently ranked first in delivering advertised speeds in the Federal Communication Commission’s 2016 “Measuring Broadband in America” report for the second year in a row.

The new HughesNet re-imagines the satellite Internet experience to deliver a breakthrough service that gives you more of everything you want. HughesNet Gen5 will provide more speed, more data and advanced features that enable you to do more of what you love online.

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@PineyRose wrote:

I received a notification that I can upgrade to Gen5. We currently have the 9000 system. We did not upgrade to Gen4. If I upgrade, what equipment do I have to buy, or lease, and is there an installation charge? I tried to find out online but it kept saying there was an error with my zip code, 37370.



Not sure about the dish, as I'm not familiar with the 9000 system, so I don't know if it's the same as used with Gen5.  It will most definitely require a new modem, though.  As for whether there are installation or activation charges, your best bet would be to call the number listed on the Hughesnet site to find out what they have to offer and what it will cost.   


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You'll get a new radio and modem, and a repoint to the Gen5 satellite, which is just a couple of degrees west of where your dish is pointed now. The dish and its mount should be OK as is, but the Technician will change out the arm in front to be compatible with the new radio.


If you're on SpaceWay now, you're going to love Gen5.


Call a local Retailer to place your upgrade order: 🙂


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Thanks! We are on Spaceway now, I think, and service is slow, slow, slow and uploads take all day. I have to buy more data every couple of months. Last month I had to buy $75 worth because of the huge Microsoft updates. We are NOT happy! AT&T is bringing wireless Internet to two counties where I live that will cover 400,000 homes and businesses that currently are so rural and remote that most are forced to use Hughes. We are trying to decide if upgrading to Gen5 will be better or not. We don't know much about AT&T Wireless. I'll call the number you provided since I will be able to talk to a local person hopefully rather than somebody at Hughes.

Thanks! There was a notice in the paper that At&T is bringing wireless Internet to my area by the end of the year that will cover 400,000 homes and businesses in two rural counties that currently have to use Hughes because of the remote locations. I don't know if it will be better or not or how much it will cost. That's the reason we haven't upgraded before now. We don't want to be under contract to Hughes if something good comes along. I need to investigate AT&T more.


I'm leaning toward upgrading at Hughes and a poster below replied that I can call a local installer instead of talking to Hughes directly about upgrading. I might do that since I know the local person will speak English. Nobody at Hughes seems to speak understandable English. They might if you are buying something instead of needing tech support but I'm not sure.


I'll get usable Gen5 on my Hughes.Net service when pigs fly!! Disgruntled Customer

Hello TallCR,


We'd like to help you resolve any concerns you may have, but in order to do so will need a more direct way to work with you. To expedite this, please create a new thread for yourself in the appropriate category and detail what you need assistance with. 


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