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In a business plan, what’s the difference between daytime and anytime data?

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In a business plan, what’s the difference between daytime and anytime data?

This is what the FAQ states:

“Daytime Data
Every HughesNet Gen5 business plan comes with a generous amount of Daytime Data to help customers get more done during standard business hours (8am-6pm).

Anytime Data
Plus, HughesNet for Business plans come with a huge amount of Anytime Data that’s available 24/7 - especially helpful for performing data-intensive tasks, such as large file transfers or software updates. ”

So what’s the difference? If “daytime” data is 8-6, and anytime is 24/7, how are the two different? If I have, say, 25gb of daytime and 50gb of anytime, can I use all 75gb during the day?

Is this really a statement of limits - in other words, if I use my 50gb of anytime streaming video outside of business hours, will I then experiences reduced speeds outside of business hours, but full speeds during the day, until I use up that allowance?

The implication is that Hughesnet’s heaviest usage is outside of normal business hours, and that the heaviest consumption would be evenings, hence the limits there. Is that the case?

In our scenario, we would rarely use any evening data - but would almost certainly use the 25/50 day/any allowances during normal business hours. That’s totally fine, right?

Sorry if these questions are confusing. The author is confused.
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While Anytime Data is used at any time of the day, when you have Daytime Data available only that will be used between 8AM and 6PM.  When you run out of Daytime Data, your Anytime Data will then be used during that time. 


8AM to 6PM - Daytime Data, then Anytime Data when your Daytime Data has been exhausted, then FAP when both data banks have been exhausted.


6PM to 8AM - Anytime Data, then FAP when your Anytime Data has been exhausted.


Hope this helps.  


Edit:  The Business Plans are structured this way because most of the data is used during the daytime with Business Plans.

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