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Interested in voice phone service. Is it worth it?

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Interested in voice phone service. Is it worth it?

I live in a rural area and my cellphone service is horrible. I am unabe to make calls inside my house and with winter coming I need to get either a landline or other dependable phone service since it will soon be too cold to go outside to make calls. I have had hughesnet internet for many years with not very many issues so am interested in hughesnet voice home phone service.

Is it dependable? I need to be able to talk with no dropped calls or delays. I have heard the service is not reliable and calls are delayed or have an echo. Is this true?


Also in reading through the community I noticed others had a lot of issues a and this is concerning but not many posts were recent. If I get the home phone service and end up having issues are there any hidden fees to have someone come out and fix it? Also If I end up having bad service or issues that are'nt resolved and I cancel within the first 2 years is there a fee? Im worried I will sign a 2 year contract and then have horrible or unreliable service and be stuck. Any opinions from actual customers would be appreciated. Im not so sure getting the home phone service is a go


I recently got HughesNet Voice It is for sure worth it to me.


I cut my landline years ago. I went with my cell phone and a wireless connection from Verizon. Neither were reliable. My HughesNet is reliable so far. No drops calls for me. There is a small delay in talking. However it is manageable. I say get it.