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Possible tree problem for Jupiter 3

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Possible tree problem for Jupiter 3


I have Hughesnet Gen 4 on Jupiter 1. 

I want Jupiter 3 service when it becomes available.

What if I order Jupiter 3 service and there are trees blocking the satellite when the installer shows up?

I see it is 95 West which is the same slot as the Spaceway 3 satellite that I had back in 2007.

Will I be able to keep my current service until the trees are cut and will I pay a penalty if trees are in the way and I have to have the trees cut and reschedule an installation?

Is there someone I can contact who can do a site survey so I can see which trees if any have to be removed? I am in the Springfield, MO area.

I don't have a smartphone so I can't use a app to see satellite position and can't tell from the online satellite pointers I have tried.

I sent a support email to Hughesnet and they never responded back to me.

Thank you,


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If line of sight to the Echostar 24 satellite (Jupiter 3) is blocked by trees they won't be able complete the upgrade and you'll stay on the same service you're currently on. I don't believe they would charge for the visit in this case, but I can't say that with 100% certainty.


If it's blocked, they'd be able to tell you right then and there what tree(s) would need to be 'shortened' in order to gain line of sight, as they have a device to tell exactly where the satellite is in the sky, or at least the techs that have been to my house always did.


If it truly is at the same location as the Spaceway 3 (95W), logic dictates that it would also be at the same elevation on the horizon, as all geostationary satellites are at the same altitude above the equator (22,236 miles). So, if you were able to get service from that satellite and nothing has since grown up in that spot to block the line of sight, you should be able to get service from the Echostar 24 without issue. If it has grown up, you may have to do some trimming.

Good morning zn,


Thanks for reaching out and explaining your situation. Gabe is correct, if the installer can't get a line of sight to the satellite, you can either cancel the upgrade (no charge for the visit, installers only get paid when the install is complete) or arrange for them to come at another time so you can address the tree issue.



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