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Rebate questions

Recently just got HughesNet a few days ago upon signing up for service I was told I would receive a $300 gift card so now I'm just trynna figure how long does it take to receive this rebate of $300 no one explained it to me only thing I was told I would receive a letter in the mail about my rebate 

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You may want to call the 800 number for this, as the reps on this site won't be here until next week, and I think these offers are time-limited, so you may need to act quickly. 

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Normally you have to fill out a rebate form available through this HughesNet Rebate page, but being that none of those listed indicate which is which, I'd follow maratsade's suggestion and either call 866-347-3292 or wait for the reps to reply here at the beginning of the week.

Hi folks,


The info provided by the community is solid! To recap: Rebate details are on our rebate website. While there is a deadline to submit your claim, it is after you've received two invoices because we require copies of them as part of your submission.


The rest of the rebate qualifications and info are on the appropriate rebate form, which in this case is this one since the customer signed up for HughesNet recently.


Hope that clears things up, thanks all!



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Hey I was told the same thing however I finally found out you have to print out and fill out a rebate form and send 2 bill statements along with it. And there is a dead line too. 

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There's definitely a deadline, this is why OP should really get working on this so as not to lose the rebate.