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Status Meter versions

Before Status Meter version 6.6.1 came out, my status meter was "file version", which was quite old, but at least it still had the bar graph at the bottom, which I liked seeing.  I felt that the bar graph gave me the best perspective, showing my current usage amount compared with the point where the current date fell, and both compared with the entire month.


When I got the message that a "new version" was available (several weeks ago, which was for version 6.6.1), I downloaded it.  Only to discover that it didn't have the bar graph, so I didn't like it.  Fortunately, my old version was not deleted, so the icons of both versions showed up in my systray, and I could still view my old version with the bar graph.


At least, I could up through yesterday.  Today, when I turned on my computer, both icons were missing from my systray.  So I went to both exe files in my directory and tried to open them directly, but neither file would open: no error message, nothing at all appeared.


Question 1: So my 1st question is, why did they both suddenly stop working?  (I have Windows 7, both 32-bit and 64-bit.)


Cruising arount the HughesNet Community, I discovered CORROSIVE's list of status meters.  By trial and error, I discovered that the latest version that still had the bar graph was version 6.5.3 and downloaded it.  It would be nice if its description had included "still has the bar graph", but at least I now have a version with the bar graph still on it.


Question 2: So my next question is, why was the bar graph removed from the latest version?


Question 3: What is the difference between a "Usage Meter" and a "Status Meter"?


Thanks for any replies.