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TERRIBLE upgrade experience

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TERRIBLE upgrade experience

I just want you corporate mods and everyone else to be aware of the complete NONSENSE we have been through. I don't appreciate it. We have half a mind to go elsewhere if one more thing goes wrong. I'm not demanding something be done for us specifically; I'm simply sharing this experience in hopes maybe it won't happen to someone else.


On November 28th, we had a state code that said there was an outdoor problem. We spent a good length of time on the phone with tech support. This woman came back telling us we NEEDED to upgrade. We said alright, arranged the plan, and we asked her what this would entail. We ASKED if a technician needed to be scheduled. She said NO, we could do it, they would mail us a modem. We would receive it in 3-4 business days. On business day 6, we called to ask where the modem was.


On December 7th, we received the modem, and still unaware of what REALLY needed to be done, we went about installing it. After an hour and 40 minutes, we had to call tech support. They continually redirected us to the remaining outdoor problem, even as we explained we weren't sure if we were doing this right.


On December 9th, a technician visited to take care of the outdoor problem. We asked him about upgrading. The licensed technician, sent by Hughesnet, told us we could not install it ourselves because going from Gen 4 to Gen 5 requires a dish realignment among other things that a technician needs to do. He could not do this because he did not have an upgrade work order. He only had repair for the outdoor problem.




On December 9th after his visit, we called tech support to explain and arrange an appointment. They said they would Nothing came of it. We called again Sunday night, December 10th. They said there wasn't a record of an appointment. After being on hold for 45 minutes, the phone call got dropped. We decided to wait and see.


This morning, December 11th, we called again. This time we managed to acquire the phone number of the technician company in our area. Upon calling them, we learned that they kept receiving REPAIR orders. Not upgrade orders. In every call since Saturday, we had been extremely clear that nothing needed repaired, we needed our UPGRADE. Our account information had been credited as Gen 5 since the morning of the 29th, the morning after our very first tech support call. It shows that we have it, which is a source of confusion to the tech support phone monitors. We are PAYING FOR IT, but WE DO NOT HAVE IT. We are running our GEN 4 EQUIPMENT.


The woman at the technician company got in touch with the District Manager of Hughesnet for our area of coverage, who has tried to intervene on our behalf! TECH SUPPORT SAID NO, THE CUSTOMER HAS TO ORDER IT. AS IF WE HAVEN'T BEEN TRYING!?!?


We called tonight, and we went through the same cycle of "ma'am, can you please plug the modem back in" and "our diagnostics show you have internet." I honestly lost count of how many times we said WE NEED AN UPGRADE. WE KNOW FACTUALLY THE DISH NEEDS TO BE MOVED FROM THE GEN 4 SETTINGS TO THE GEN 5. WE KNOW FACTUALLY WE DO NOT HAVE THE INFORMATION NOR QUALIFICATIONS TO DO THIS OURSELVES. If this is not true, we were lied to by our technician, which I just don't believe is the case. Nothing is broken, nothing needs a repair order, we're running the old internet we are no longer supposed to be paying for or having to settle on because some woman at tech support told us we could do this ourselves. And we have gone around in this circle TOO MANY TIMES trying to tell them that we just need someone sent out to upgrade us, that's all we want, please just send an upgrade order so we don't have to call anymore.


FINALLY, we were told they would schedule a repair order, but WE HAVE TO PAY $175 FOR IT. We have to pay $175 for a technician to come out and upgrade us, like we've been asking for in the first place, like we were told directly by a technician needs to happen for this thing to be done right, since this past Thursday. We were told after we're upgraded, call back and they would give us information on being credited for the time we did not have the internet we should have had.


Frankly I am DISGUSTED. I am angry, I am frustrated, and I'm a little insulted. We agreed to pay ONLY BECAUSE we're so tired of fighting, we just want it done. Fine, we'll pay, just SEND THE PROPER ORDER. We have not been listened to. We have been talked down to when we keep trying to explain there's not a broken object, we never got our upgrade. We have had Hughesnet for almost a decade purely because there's virtually no other option where we live, but as said in my introductory short paragraph, lately there's been developments in that regard and if we have one more run-around with tech support to even a fraction of this extent, we will go elsewhere. This is not a drill. These are not overdramatics.


If she would have sent someone out to fix the outdoor problem in the first place, instead of telling us we NEEDED to upgrade to fix the problem, none of this would have happened.


Supposedly, the technician is scheduled-- on OUR DIME, with or without a work order this is getting done-- to be out sometime on Wednesday. We will see if this comes to fruition. I just truly felt the need to let it be known how RIDICULOUS the last two weeks have been, and the tech support phone coverage is to blame here.


I am sorry to be spouting off rage here, but it needs to be said.


Hi cclk_edwards,


First, I'd like you to know that I am going to try my very best to get this resolved as quickly and painlessly for you as possible. There are quite a few cases to sort through and I want to make sure I do everything right the first time. Just quickly going through everything, the issue you are experiencing is due to a disconnected, damaged or cut coaxial cable. You might be able to find it if you follow the coaxial from your wall panel to your HughesNet modem. If that is secure and you can check outside, see if you can spot any issues with the coaxial cable to the dish outside your home. 


In any case, the technician can come out and repair the cable issue and hook up your HT1100 again. After that one has registered, you will be able to swap it out for the HT2000W you received in the mail. Since your bill date is not until the 30th, there are no charges on your account yet. I will private message you tomorrow with more information about that. 


The first agent you spoke with should have sent out a technician to repair the cable instead of a modem. This seems to be an issue with the troubleshooting process the agent took and we will go through the rest of your account notes to ensure all other agents did the proper procedures. Regardless, when the technician does visit, it is most important to ensure the cable is fixed so the new modem will be able to work. Please expect further information from me through your private messages soon. Once again we apologize you had this experience and we hope to get this resolved for you as soon as possible.


Thank you,