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This Bytes!!!

I recently purchased a home and moved in. Before I moved we had Charter Spectrum which I had for years and Internet was Great compared to what Im dealing with now, I too was not told there was a 20 day grace period of unlimited and higher speed..for the first 20 days I was Happy but unaware untill recently. My Usage Got gobbled up so fast in just 4 days we are still not out but close, me and my daughter rely heavily on the net for work, school, games our entertainment period.In my area this was my only option or I would have taken Charter with me, even though Charter services people down the road a ways from me they do not do it here. I love my house but might have found something else if knowing all this ahead of time. Its super expensive and I feel like Im back on DSL. I dont understand why you can allot someone great speeds and unlimited data for 20 days but not for a whole month every month..seems to me you have the capacity to please your customers but dont, also who is up at 2am-8am to use bonus data lol seriously? that bonus data should be for anytime.I guess I should have listened to the guy who installed it when he said "I hope you know what your getting yourself into" Yea even the employees know!! Anyhoo just needed to vent Im just very disatisfied..Man Sad

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No one forces anyone to sign up for HughesNet.  It is up to the consumer to do their research before they buy a product or service.  It doesn't sound like you did so.  


The 20 days of relaxed bandwidth is a courtesy from HughesNet.  It is explained in the welcome email.  As well, 20 days of relaxed bandwidth for each new customer is not comparable to offering unlimited plans, or even plans with a lot more data, as the infrastructure in place can't support it.  


It is expensive because it is the most expensive internet, per capita, to both provide and offer.  It's high speed data limitations are what they are because that is what the infrastructure in place supports.  The 50GB of Bonus Bytes is offered between 2AM and 8AM because this is when the fewest people are online, allowing more data intensive activity.  


You always have the choice of cancelling the service.  If you do, you will be subject to an Early Termination Fee while in a contract and will need to return the modem, power pack and radio from the dish when they send you the equipment return kit.  


HughesNet is not designed for, and is not meant for, cord cutting.  It is a niche service that provides internet where other can't, or won't.  It is not comparable to unlimited ground based services and isn't meant to be.  


Lastly, HughesNet has over 1,000,000 customers, the vast majority of whom are satisfied with their service and use it within its means.  


My advice is to either pay the ETF and cancel the service so you can go with whatever other ISP you wish or learn to use the service within its means.  

I realize everything you said is True but unfortunatley alot of it was not explained to me when signing up, THAT is important on making a decision that is best for my needs dont you think? Best believe if anything becomes available in the area I will have no problem terminating my service and paying to terminate early. there were times I wasnt happy with Charter because they had outages quite often..I realize now how spoiled I really was..Rural living isnt for me but like you said I have to learn to utilize it cause its ALL I have! (For Now) 

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Hopefully you'll be able to get used to the limitations of the system when compared to ground based services, but one thing that's probably not going to work very well, unfortunately, is the gaming.  Turn based games are usually fine, but fast paced, real time games don't tend to work well, if at all, due to the higher latency (ping, or lag) inherent to satellite internet.  Some of them won't even load because the game servers will detect that the latency is too high for the particular game.  😞  


The following page explains a little more about it...


I wholeheartedly agree that rural living is much harder when it comes to things like this.  I've had HughesNet for nearly 14 years, so I didn't come from a ground based service to HughesNet, which I have no doubt is very difficult to deal with and get used to.  


With regard to data usage, here are a couple of posts that specifically talk about ways to reduce data usage and things that you can do, both with settings and apps, that can help in that endeavor...

Hello EmAzing, welcome to the community and thanks for posting! It's okay to vent, we're here to help.


I want to go ahead and give some information. The first 20 days all our customers received what's called a "relaxed bandwidth". This is a complimentary offer we provide new customers, in addition it allows customers to update their computers and applications for optimal performance without going over the data limit. It's not "unlimited" data, but how it works is your 20 GB plan you're currently on is refreshed daily for the first 20 days of your service. I do apologize if you weren't informed of this, but I hope this clears things up.


The Bonus Zone, where you receive an additional 50 GB between 2am-8am, is offered to our customers to help maximize your bandwidth usage. The best use of the bonus data is for large downloads, such as computer and device updates, video game and movie downloads, and such. 


The Anytime Data is your service plan. Depending how much you rely on the internet and what you use the internet for will factor which plan will best fit your needs.


We have also other ways to help manage your bandwidth. Gabe provided the links I had in mind as well, so I second that these forums will help you out greatly!


Let me know if this helps or if you have any other questions!


Hi, I haven't heard from you, so I'm going to close this thread. If you have any questions in the future, you can start a new thread and we'll be happy to help out!



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@Brooke wrote:

 so I'm going to close this thread.

I think you missed a click.  😛