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daniel c

Upgrade pricing

I want to upgrade to gen5 and was wondering if I buy my equipment, do I need to pay full price even though I guess I only need the gen5 modem? I already have a dish and radio I use with gen 4
Associate Professor

That's actually a somewhat tricky question that only the Moderators here will be able to answer with certainty...  But, I am going to take a somewhat educated guess...

If you are currently leasing and you upgrade service and want to buy equipment, then yes you will have to pay full price.

If you currently own your equipment, chances are they will charge the full price, for some reason I want to say upgrades dont usually get the option to purchase though...  I know during the earlier days of Gen4, customers couldn't purchase when upgrading.  Gen5 I know there is a purchase option, but not sure if it's only available to new customers.

The dish is free on all installs, Hughes only charges for the Modem, ODU, and Power Brick, so the only thing that *might* stay the same is the ODU...  But I do know there are a few different revisions done to the ODU to help improve them, so it may be worth it to have a new ODU put in during an upgrade if you do purchase at full price.

I am sure tomorrow one of the Reps here can give you the best course of action as well as accurate information. Might get lucky, they may just charge for the Modem and Power Brick along with the install fee if that would apply to you, granted, that's if you already own your current equipment.