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Very Horrible Service

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Very Horrible Service

I have been with huges net since January and can't watch tv at all it buffers and I called today and someone told me that the service don't pick up good where I am and I can't cancel without paying 400.00 what kind of crap is that I was told that someone is going to call me on the 23 because they are running test the worst crap ever
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If you're trying to stream in HD make sure to turn off, or pause for four hours, the Video Data Saver.  Not doing so will almost assuredly result in buffering when trying to stream in HD.  Keep in mind, though, that streaming in HD uses around 3GB per hour, so you'll be out of data in short order if you stream a lot.  


What is Video Data Saver?

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If they even provided customer service, I could say it was the world's worst.  I have called daily in the six weeks since installation with no help in sight.  I have yet to get hold of anyone in the USA and cannot understand a word that anyone tells me, except to know when I hear a lot of bull.  My internet is intermittent,  the phone (voice) service will not work in my home  evev if I sit by the modem.  When I call,  they claim to run test and find nothing wrong.  I have a home based business, and the loss of clients is proof that something is very wrong.  The voices on the phone are garbled, on both ends,  the phone cuts off in the middle on conversations,  the internet does the same and I cannot access the programs I need, or I get knocked off the web for one of their messages.  I get internet not found messages, even when I know it is working.  Calling CS is useless,  I was promised exceptional guaranteed service and quality, but have gotten neither.  I am extremely upset about the phone quality.  It is scratchy, patchy and garbled all the time.  Calling CS is useless, I don't have 2-3 hours at a time to wait on hold.  I asked for a manager and everyone there claims to be one. If I want to talk to someone in another country, I will go and have my nails done. I am currently in contact with the govt ruling agencies, and keeping logs of the days and time I have called HN.  I was counting on the clear quality service I was promised.  If ECHO is US based why are all of the employees in other countries??? Why don't they take responsibility and try to help customers instead of just padding their wallets.   No matter how crappy the CS or the services, they don't waste any time in billing me.