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Wifi can't run 1 cell phone and 1 tv at the same time

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Wifi can't run 1 cell phone and 1 tv at the same time

The WiFi just can't run 1and 1 at the same time. Been that way since the 3rd day of the installation. I called and they put more on the wifi system. Didn't work out to good. Then I bought 30 dollars of more speed today and it still works out the same. So I only watch Netflix when the tv is connected just to 1 tv and no phone. It does work better but buffers all the time. Am I doing something wrong


Just so you understand how satellite internet works:


1. Netflix, as with all streaming services, is a very data-intensive activity - lots and lots of pings and data to a streaming server. Satellite internet is a very laggy internet: It takes over 500mS for each byte to go from your house to the terrestrial internet on the West Coast, then to the intended destination on the internet, and back. When you put both together you have pure chaos. If you're trying to stream anything on your TV, everythng else in your home will now be competing for available bandwidth. In reality, everyone on the satellite BEAM you'e also on will be competing for bandwidth, because you're loading down satellite resources for everyone.


2. When you buy tokens or increase your plan you're not buyng more speed, you're adding more data to your plan. Unless of course you already exceeded your data plan and were being throttled, then you'd get a speed increase until you exceeded the new data threshold.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.
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To watch TV without buffering or without using data, you should look into a satellite TV service such as DirecTV. It works differently than satellite internet and you can get over 100 channels, including premium channels like HBO.  


Satellite internet can stream, but is not ideal for it because of the limited bandwidth that everyone has to share, and like Mark said, when you are streaming, you are loading the system and everyone gets a bit less data. When everyone is trying to stream at the same time of the day, the system gets congested and this affects everyone. 



What devices are you using to stream netflix with? After years of frustration with this same issue, I found that Firestick light, and Apple worked the best for us. If you have Roku you may as well give up. Prime video drops and lags all the time, as do most of the others. Netflix does not give you the option to reduce your streaming quality anymore, so If your data renues and you are streaming you can say goodbye to it in a matter of hours. Once your in FAP (Fair Access Policy) your data should go to a steady 1-3mbps unless you have mulitple devices slpitting up your bandwith, or you are experincing a modem malfunction.


The good thing about FAP and netflix is it will then self adjust to the lowest possible streaming quality. You will still have moments of buffering, but it shouldnt be terrible. If you call tech support they can also walk you through making a QOS rule which will Prioritize your data to the desired divice. I recently had to make QOS rules because the kids were burning up the data to fast. I also had to buy a wifi booster and install it on the other side of my house so that the conection would stop dropping. If you are only using two devices that are hitting the network then you should not be having a ton of issues. Do you happen to have anything else that is feeding off the wifi? Possibly a printer, echo, nest etc.? I am only asking because eventhough they may be Quote "not in use" they will still draw data. 


I hope that this helps you.