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1 mbps peak use hours

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1 mbps peak use hours

username: jaw70


Joined hughes less then 2 mos ago and have 1 or less mbps peak hours 6 to 10 pm.

I do not stream just trying to read newspaper which does not load or quits functioning with middle to last pages.  On beam 103 over houston, tx.  If this is just normal speed for peak hours just let me know.  I have contacted  phone service x 2 without improvement. 

Thanks for any help or info.



Distinguished Professor IV

Speeds can be affected by so many things that it's hard to deduce what the problem may be. It could be congestion (too many people in the area using the system at the same time); it could be your browser configuration; it could be weather (your location or the location of your ground station, which is always in another state), it could be beam degradation (it's been happening on Beam 68 and no time for a solution has been announced) and much more.  


The reps here can check your account remotely and see if there are any obvious problems.


Screenshots for speed issues are not useful. Please post the link to your My Results page. It should be


Thanks for the info.

Here is the link.

The problem is a steady reproduciable problem of low speed at peak hours. Good speed morning then continued lower speed through the day until around 11:00 pm at night at which time it increases back to around 5 mbps.  My browser does not change so I do not think that variable is in play.  The only variable for 2 mos has been the time of day with decrease in speed based on time of day.  I do notice if it is of any help the beam 101 is more central to my location then the 3 beams aimed at the Houston area of which I am on.

Thank You for your help



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The content of the websites you visit also has an impact on speed; like I said, so many variables. It could also be your dish. The reps here can check your modem and see what it reports, and try to figure out if there's anything wrong with your system or whether it's just congestion (which the pattern in which the speed changes seems to indicate;  congestion may be at least part of the problem). 


What beam are you on? Is it 101? I'm on Bean 68 and I have issues with speeds being much better a certain times, and changing to very low speeds at other times.  I experience patterns very similar to yours every day, and have now for a while.  I'm hoping the new satellite will provide a solution to this issue. 


Hopefully one of the reps will get back to you soon. 


Thank you maratsade for your opinion.  I was thinking the same about the new satellite (Jupiter 3) if it off load some of the current problem with speed during peak hours. Would be nice if Hughesnet would let us know of a projected date if might go online and if it will help with the current problem.

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They said we’d get more details this fall. Fingers crossed the new satellite will be open for business within the year.



Thanks for reaching out! We'd love to help look into this, but I was unable to locate the account connected to your Community profile. Please send a private message to the link provided below, with your account number or a phone number attached!