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Connection Problems- Only with AOL

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Connection Problems- Only with AOL

The problem started a week to 10 days ago.  I can not connect to AOL via my hughes Gen5 connection.  We both use aol mail (yes, I know there are better options, and I may look into that, but when you have had the same address forever, switching is hard to do)


Now, not only can I/we not connect to our mail, we also can not connect to (main website)  I thought this might be a router problem, as a couple of other websites were pretty slow.  Just put in a new TP-Link AC1200.  It is working fine.  All other websites come up quickly.  Running Win10.  This is happening on ALL of our computers, 3 laptops and this decktop.  When trying to connect, I get the "This site can't be reached. took too long to respond".  This desktop is running wired through the router, the other computers are running wireless. 


When I break the phones out, and go to the 'mobil hotspot route', we can connect.  Again, on all 4 computers.  


We have exceeded our download allowance, but we are working on 7 gigs of purchased allowance.  Regardless of that, this started when we were still in our allowance, and it happens during 'Bonus Time', so I do not think it is an 'allowance' problem.  


I am pretty computer literate, so this isn't a basic knowledge issue (I hope).  I have also torn up Google looking for answers.  There was something about disabling the IPv6 settings.  No joy.  Then there was something about changing the IPv4 settings and going to a directed DNS Server address.  Tried that also.  No good.  


Wife, who is NOT computer literate, suggested a System Restore.  I do not think that will work, but I was halfway through this post when she brought it up.  I will try that, and come back if it works.  Otherwise, assume it didn't.  Can't think it would anyway, unless there is some virus that infected all 4 computers, through Malware Byes, and is specific to Hughes not connecting to AOL.  


So, short story, in review.  Can not connect via Hughes to any form of AOL (including the help articles listed in Google searches)  If it says AOL in the address, it will not load.  It WILL load via a phones' mobil hotspot.

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One other thing is that, if you'd like to schedule the file downloads, but you don't like the idea of leaving your PC on (I don't), or messing with trying to schedule the downloads to your PC, you can schedule the file download(s) to your Android or IOS device using the PlayOn Cloud app, then copy the files to your PC.  


BTW, don't forget to change the resolution on the app if you want it to be better than standard.  I'm fine with standard, which is DVD quality, but some people want it to be better, regardless of the increased file size for the program/movie.  I believe 720p is the maximum resolution, but that's still very good.  


If you try it and you like it, please let us know.  I'm still deciding whether to get it, though I probably will.  It's cheap, and lets you easily take advantage of the Bonus Zone data, and even those twenty days of data resets with your upgrade (make sure first, though, of course).  🙂

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