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Issues after install today

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Issues after install today

My install was today for my business connection, but have some issues. When I signed up I was told that the new service would provide a quality connection that could even support gaming. I specifically asked about possible ping and latency issues that satellite services were known for and was told that the new system would be much better. I actually have a sales email that included gaming as one thing that this new service could support. Not finding this to be the case, ran several test and the quality of the service is terrible, several test to different servers showing 600-700 ping. When I signed up the sales person actually called me back and said they would upgrade me to help since I had mentioned gaming. I had asked for the works, everything available to improve the service and was told if I was not satisfied I could cancel free of charge. Hoping this may just be a simple issue that can be corrected and I will not need to cancel. By the way, speeds appear to be good it is just the quality of the connection, the very thing I mentioned several times when I was being signed up. Posting in the message board because I could not find a support email address, would prefer to handle my issues through email if that is available. Thank you.

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It sounds like your account is a business one. Is that so? This community is geared towards residential customers; the moderators have limited capabilities with business accounts. If you have a business account, you will need to call 800.347.3272 for support.