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Phone wont ring

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Phone wont ring

For the past few weeks my phone has stopped ringing in. There is a dial tone, i can place calls and calls come to my phone (as seen on missed call screen). The issue is the phone doesn't ring to alertme an calls coming in. I thought it was a bad phone device, so i bought a brand new device and there is still no ring. I've unplugged and replugged the internet modem and the little phone internet box too. I even pushed the reset button on both and nothing is working. Ive checked my settings  to be sure my calls arent being forwarded. I need help please.

Distinguished Professor IV

Do you have Hughesnet voice or something else?


You shouldn't push the reset button without a support tech telling you to do so; I hope the modem still works OK. 


Your best bet is to wait for a Hughesnet rep to reply to your post. You will recognise them because of the word MOD next to their name.