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System State Code 12.1.9 all weekend since replacement dish installed...PLEASE HELP.

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System State Code 12.1.9 all weekend since replacement dish installed...PLEASE HELP.


You locked the other thread so I wasn't able to follow up with the initial update I left, but Saturday, our internet signal went from being back to okay/acceptable to worse than it was before..



I tried calling the technician back and he's not answering his phone.

p.s our monthly data reset for the month so we are good there.

Please help...


Many thanks

Advanced Tutor

The technician called back after I sent him the same screen shot and his reply was "it's not something he did because everything was green when he left so he's not coming back out this far to look at it and to contact customer care again"

Advanced Tutor

I'm going to unplug the router (at the brick) and leave it off for a few and see if that helps...I have to get this fixed asap.

Advanced Tutor

@Damian .

Not sure if it's just a temp. fix, but I powered down from the brick for 5 mins and this issue looks like it has resolved itself...again not sure if this is just temp. or not.

please advise...




Thank you for reaching out to us. From what I can tell and what the Dish is reporting, it seems Uplink was disrupted. This can be weather related or if the modem was stuck in a firmware update. The current state code shows a fully operational 0.0.0 on our end now too.  -Damian 

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