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TV no longer connects with wifi.

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TV no longer connects with wifi.

Got the 5g service and everything was connecting to the wifi like it should. Suddenly the TV quit connecting to the wifi. It keeps telling me to turn the wifi on, but it is on.  I've unplugged the TV and the modem, on numerous occasions with no luck. For some reason they quit communicating. Called hughesnet once and they sent me to some higher technical service person who then told me it would cost $100 hour for them to try and fix the problem. Ain't doing that.  Hopefully someone on here has some ideas of how to fix this.


Distinguished Professor IV

If your other WiFi devices are still connecting, the first thing I would try is power cycling the HughesNet modem, as in unplugging it, waiting at least a minute, plugging it back in, then waiting two or three minutes for it to be fully back up and ready before attempting to connect the TV. If that doesn't help, the problem may lie with the TV itself. I'd try having the TV 'forget' all WiFi connections, if it has any shown. If that doesn't help, I'd try resetting the TV, as in a factory reset. If even that doesn't help, the next step would probably be contacting the TV's manufacturer, or even going on their support community, which most TV manufacturers have, and asking for help there, as they may have good advice on things to try.