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Tech here 5 times, still bad state code

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Tech here 5 times, still bad state code

I had Jupiter 3 installed 2 months ago. So far I have had tech here 4 times,  Modem has been replaced 3 times, eye replaced once, and all new cable ran.  I sent in a bad review on the last tech and got a hughesnet call, with someone that told me the issue is on Hughesnet' s side and  after 2 days of no internet, managed to get my state code from 12.1.9 to 0.0.0 however that only lasted a day.  It's back to 12.1.9 again. Now they want to send a tech out for the 5th time.  Has anyone else had this issue?  Do I just put up with bad state codes?  The wifi freezes when playing Facebook games and some streaming.  

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Your best bet is to wait for a Hughesnet rep on this site to reply to you and get involved in your case. They can dig deep into the problem and see what may be going on. The 12. codes tend to be associated with bad weather at your location OR at the location of the gateway. There has been a lot of bad weather in many places, so it might be that.  Still, best to wait for one of the reps here to check. 

What do you mean by the wifi "freezes"?




Thanks for reaching out! It seems this is your first post here. Welcome to the Community! We're sorry to hear you've been experiencing some issues with your service, and we'd love to help take a look into this for you. However, I was unable to locate your account through your Community profile. Please send us a private message at the link attached below with your account number or a phone number attached, so we can take a look into this for you.