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Trying To Post The Label Bot Says NO

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Trying To Post The Label Bot Says NO

I have wifi problems .The connection speeds go from dial-up to 2.1 Mps. If the Label bot allows this post, I will post test my test speed data etc.


Hi ecoalex,


So we had some planned maintenance on 10/11 for the gateway right before yours (alphabetically) and I didn't realize that your gateway was scheduled for 10/12. This maintenance introduced a software upgrade ( which has some improvements for wi-fi connectivity, specifically as it relates to stability and staying connected, as well as addresses some slow connectivity issues across the board. There was also an additional code included to facilitate another update at a later time which is designed to improve video streaming overall. Regardless, I would recommend checking drivers and other updates on the Optiplex 790, as we are seeing high delay when communicating with that device, but not others on your network. 


Your gateway AMA got this yesterday, right after ALB did, ENG is next on 10/16 :). This is only for customers pointed to the Jupiter 1 satellite, for now. Quick tip - if anyone's beam number goes higher than 60, they are pointed to Jupiter 2. 


I would note, though, that you are encouraged to use the 25MB file when you perform tests for us for troubleshooting (unless you're in FAP, as we already know that speed tests will be in that ~1Mbps range). We are happy to replace the data used via token data. 


Finally, do you mind if I merge this conversation into your "No FAP Still Slow Speed" thread? 



Thank You Amanda for the update message. So I was correct after all. Both problems I had - wifi, and video streaming , I posted about hopefully will improve. So far, it appears it has been. Time will tell. It was only the last week or so , that there were severe problems.

As far as updating drivers, I use Linux, all drivers are current , if any are to be updated I get them automatically in the updates . My problems were on your end, not mine it appears.

Thanks again for the update message.


It would appear so! Just wanted to relay the diagnostic finding as I figured you may have wanted to know. Other factors we monitor looked good for that device, so that is good 🙂 I will try to get you an update on the next planned upgrade for video streaming when that date becomes available, or pass it along through one our great reps here.  I hope you have a great weekend!


p.s. Be sure to check your e-mail later today or early next week for something from our corporate team. 

p.p.s I added 5GB token data to your account for the previous speed tests