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7:30 a.m. cut off from OneDrive & Evernote


7:30 a.m. cut off from OneDrive & Evernote

I am trying to understand why every morning this week, I am cut off from Onedrive and Evernote at 7:30 a.m.  Nearly exactly that same time daily. 


According to the work from home tips for Hughesnet Microsoft is suppose to work well.  NOT


I have to work from home, I get it we are all on about the same time.  But is there nothing else to be done?

Other than getting up at 4 a.m. to upload and download to those two.  Everything else so far is working fine, just those two. 

Seriously irritated.


Ran the speed test and web response test, both are perfect. 


Distinguished Professor IV

Re: 7:30 a.m. cut off from OneDrive & Evernote

It's not the speed, it's the congestion.  You get cut off because boatloads of people access the internet at that time, and while your speed may be awesome, there is network congestion; too many people accessing the same sites and apps, and this makes it so some who are trying to get in can't. 


It may be time to rearrange your work schedule.  I have the same issues you do and try to work outside the hours when everyone else is working, and I also keep the West Coast in mind, as they all climb onto the internet 3 hours after we do. 


There' s only so much that can be done with finite systems. After a point, it's up to us to figure out workarounds. 


Re: 7:30 a.m. cut off from OneDrive & Evernote

Thank you, I get that.  Did not consider it since I am under new pressure.  Smiley Happy  I am on the West Coast, so will have to make my day adjustment to being up earlier to beat that traffic.  Rearrange my day.  Again.  Oh joy. (sarcasm by the way.)


Appreciate the sensible explanation.  Thank you for not answering in a way that would make me feel stupid for not remember that bit of tech knowledge. 


Have a great day and stay safe.