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Down loading in bonus time

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Down loading in bonus time

I'm new to Hughes Net and would like to know  to download shows from my Amazon Prime during the bonus time Hughes Net offers. 


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Gmartin, I don't do Amazon Prime but the only way is if they allow downloading for later viewing. Then you could set up a task in Windows Task Scheduler to start Prime and do the download during the night hours.

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Amazon lets you download to Kindle, iOS devices, and Android phones and tablets.  You may need to download a download manager app first if you want to schedule the downloads.


I saw this software mentioned in another thread and its the one I use with my Roku and it's called PlayOn TV. Currently on sale at a little under $30

PlayOn acts as a server on your PC and also adds a channel to your Roku device.

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO, Youtube and a multitude of other channels PlayOn allows you to record off peak (or anytime) for your own personal viewing at a later time. 

When it comes time that you want to watch your movie/video your PC will stream the video to your streaming device ( Roku is just one of many devices also Android , IOS and Chromestick)

It streams over wifi on your local network and does not use the internet so no further data is used from your Huges Net account.

The PlayOn settings let you to set recording quality allowing you to further control how much data is used

hope this helps

When you say “local WiFi”, do you mean the WiFi on the Hughesnet router, or do you need a separate router? If I download to my laptop, would using an external hard drive for additional storage space be helpful?


Yes I actually added a hard drive specifically for movie storage and playback over HughesNet wifi (internet not required). Another feature of PlayOn is that it saves recorded movies as MP4 video, so if you have the Roku with a USB slot you can transfer a video to a thumb drive and watch without the need for a wireless network. The network is nice though and gives you a library of movies to select from. I did have a recording fail on me last night, it happens occasionally especially with Amazon. PlayOn lets you subscribe to TV series too, so if there is a particular series you like you can batch record, you would have to take care not to go outside the bounds of bonus time. PlayOn is not the only program out there it is just the one that I use.

Thank you! I’m new to this, and know just enough about computers to be dangerous, lol! About how much data does one movie download use?

@Jeff_T Thank you! I’m new to this, and know just enough about computers to be dangerous, lol! About how much data does one movie download use?


Standard quality is approximately 1GB an hour for me so you can say a regular movie is going to 1 or 2 GB. 


I noticed you posted twice here is a tip, the three vertical dots in the top right corner of your posts will pull up a menu allowing you to edit your post.

@Jeff_T thanks! I noticed that, lol!