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Gen5: adding access points

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Gen5: adding access points

Gen5 being installed tomorrow at our church.  Business account.  We will need to add 3 access points to cover the church properly.  Our plan is to add Unifi access points (from Ubiquiti).  This requires a Unifi security gateway (or Edge router) to be connected to the HT2000 router/modem.  My plan was to turn off the wifi on the HT2000 and simply connect the Unifi gateway to one of the LAN ports.  But then I read that you must put the first router in bridge mode....but we cannot do that with HT2000.  Here was my plan:


HT2000 > Unifi Security Gateway (USG) > Unifi Switch > Unifi access points controlled by a cloud key controller


Will the Unifi access point plan described above still work without bridge mode on the HT2000?  If not, what is the best way to add access points to a Hughesnet Gen5 system?

Associate Professor

Remote features wont be possible unless accessed via IPv6...  As you said, these HT2000w units can't be put into a bridged mode, so chances are the UniFi Cloud Key will be useless for remote administration after you add on the fact you are behind CGN...

I have yet to run into a scenario where Ubiquiti AP's require a Unifi Gateway or Edge Router unless you are attempting to make remote management of the equipment and network easier, which again, is useless thanks to CGN, unless you can figure out something with IPv6...

@pswired and @tracerrx have been working together on their IPv6 conundrum together, the thread they are discussing remote IPv6 address in could provide some good insight in that area...


To be fairly honest, I would just go HT2000w > Switch > AP's, disable the HT2000w wifi, and create my own wifi network.  Never really touched their switches or anything else as the features are mostly useless IMO.

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