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Is it worth buying a wireless router???

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Is it worth buying a wireless router???

Hello all. New to Hughes internet. Im  located in Rural Oklahoma. My question is it seems that the internet is really lagging when i have more than 2 devices on youtube. Will adding a wireless router help with this problem. I have tried switching from the 2.4GHZ to the 5GHZ (HT2000W) while running youtube on my device and it is still lagging. Any suggestions or insights will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. 

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Re: Is it worth buying a wireless router???

If you had more than two devices connected to the 5Ghz radio and you were still having lagging issues, it's doubtful that you'd see any difference with a 3rd party router.  


But, a question:  When you were trying to stream Youtube videos on multiple devices simultaneously had you turned off, or paused, the Video Data Saver?  The Video Data Saver is designed to throttle the speed of the service while streaming in order to save data, but still be enough to stream in DVD quality.  When streaming on multiple devices, it's dividing that throttled speed among them, and at that point will most likely be too low on any or all of them to stream anything from Youtube without experience some type of buffering issue.


You can turn off, or pause, the Video Data Saver either in the Video Settings section of the HughesNet Usage Meter, or by signing in to the HughesNet MyAccount site and clicking on Settings.  


What is Video Data Saver?


Keep in mind that, while streaming with the Video Data Saver paused or off, you may very well use more data, as things might automatically try to stream in HD. 


Also, in case you are not aware, during your first twenty days of service your data allotment is reset on a regular basis.  HughesNet does this as a courtesy, to allow new customers to update/upgrade their devices to current without burning through their normal monthly data allotment, as doing those things can sometimes use a lot of data.  After those twenty days your data allotment will revert to a normal monthly reset.

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Re: Is it worth buying a wireless router???

Absolutely! I got hughesnet around August of last year. We had been having issues with buffer and slow internet speeds on multiple devices. Last week I had had enough and bought a Google WiFi 3 point system. I figured this would at least eliminate the wireless part of the equation. I disabled the wireless on the hughesnet modem and so far have not had one issue. We watched Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu all weekend and did not have an issue and this is while we were throttled (whatever they call it where you run out of data and they throttle your downloads).

I would definitely recommend ditching the wireless on the hughesnet modem and get something dedicated.

Sidenote: Your username is familiar, are you on cag?