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Remote Location Power Cycling

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Remote Location Power Cycling



Remote power cycling of modem/router made easy.

We are 3 hrs way from our rural vacation home which has Hughesnet satellite service. Rebooting the modem/router can be a problem if WiFi or internet connection goes down and requires the call to Hughesnet support with wait times, etc.

2 solutions we have used to help keep things running well:

1.   Connect the Hughes net modem/router power cord to a mechanical timer set to turn off at some time every day for a few minutes and then on again. I did this at 5 am. For over 3 years this has kept the system basically up and running with no problems except if there is a problem correctable with a reboot you have to wait until after the daily 5 am reboot.

2.    Just installed a neat device that will automatically reboot things if internet connection is lost or WiFi is down. This allows reboots right after an event.  Ditched the above timer.  The device is called Keep Connect and looks like a smart plug and  you plug it into an outlet and the modem/router power cord into it. It then reboots for events you select like after loss of internet or WiFi.  So far after a few months of use a few reboots were done by the device when internet went down due to bad weather or when WiFi went down for some reason.  It will text or email you when this has happened once internet is up. For redundancy it can also do scheduled power cycles. It’s around $50 and for $20/yr you can get remote control if you want to remotely reboot and changes settings at will.   So far no need for this service.                                            
I have no financial interest in this product.

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This sounds very cool! 


I wonder, though, if you could post this under Third Party Products. Seems to fit better there. 


ETA: Thanks, Liz, for moving it here! 


That's a smart solution, Bob! Thank you for sharing.


Good idea, maratsade, I'll go ahead and move this to the Third Party Products board.



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