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Security Cameras

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Security Cameras

Hello, Does anyone have suggestions on which ones work best with HughesNet gen 5? As I am really wanting some but not sure about them.

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Re: Security Cameras

I'm not an expert, but from what I understand, ones that are cloud-based should work. Don't get anything that needs to be IP-addressable because it can't be seen from outside the HughesNet network.


Understand that either way, cameras will use a lot of data. Recommend one that's motion-sensor activated to reduce the amount of video it collects. Being able to reduce the pixel resolution and speed will also help reduce data consumption.


@BirdDogmight have additional tips.


* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.
Assistant Professor

Re: Security Cameras

I have several Nest cameras and they work fine on HughesNet. They are cloud based so no static IP is needed.


However, like Mark says, they can use a lot of data under certain situations:


1. If left on all the time (24/7) they will use a lot of data, especially if placed where there is normally people/pets moving around in view of the camera, as the video is being uploaded to the cloud. Stream data amount to the cloud reduces drastically if view is static.


2. Capturing the video to the cloud is one way but if you then also watch the video using HughesNet you are using twice the amount of data. One time going to the cloud server then again going back to you watching. If you are watching remotely, say from a cell phone, then you use the data from the cell plan by watching and only use the Hughes data for what is going up to the cloud server for you to watch.


3. There is a low and high definition setting for the cameras and I leave mine set to low unless there is something I really need to see in high definition.


4. I do not leave my cameras on 24/7 to avoid constant stream to the cloud. I normally only turn them on remotely while away when I want to check, then turn them right back off.


Hope this helps.


Re: Security Cameras

I have what i believe is P2P tech dog web cam by Vstoy, once it was set up, it connects and goes offline??  I do not know if my issue is the same as others because it sounds like the camera i have should be compatible.  This whole thing has been very frustrating for a non tech savy person. 

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Re: Security Cameras

I'm successfully using Blink cameras from Amazon.  They're cloud based, by default they take a 5 second clip when motion is detected and notify you thru an Android or iPhone app.  Of course you can watch the clip thru your tablet or phone.