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Security Cameras

Hello, Does anyone have suggestions on which ones work best with HughesNet gen 5? As I am really wanting some but not sure about them.


Do the alerts work alright over the hughesnet connection? My cameras are very unreliable at alerting me of things due to the latency.




Great info above, thanks. I am looking for a security system for the first time currently. 'Low data consumption' is not in any provider's pitch it seems, most listings seem to assume high-speed Internet.

Being four years beyond the posts above, can anyone suggest what brand they use with the 30GB or 100GB HughesNet service? I know it will need to be motion activated only as there is not enough money in the world to pay for data tokens with a 24/7 stream...


Thanks. Will check out the second link. I don't like the first one - I feel setting up something that will cause the high-speed internet to hit its limit monthly would make me freak out. Freak out bad, not freak out good.

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I totally understand! 😄