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Sonicwall TZ600 and HT2000W

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Sonicwall TZ600 and HT2000W

Looking around the community I am not able to find if the HT2000W will work with a SonicWall TZ600. To create a Wan Zone within a Sonicwall you need to have a static ip, subnet mask and a gateway. I purchased a static ip with my Hughesnet service but was told by a Hughesnet support rep that they no longer use subnet mask and gateways?


Lol... I would think if you do indeed have a static IP with a business account, and that's what you need it should work.

Pretty sure if someone told you they don't support a subnet mask or gateway address (basically your router), they likely didn't understand what you were asking.

That said, @C0RR0SIVE is a firewall expert. He might be better suited to answer about potential drawbacks.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.
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If you do have a business account with static IP, that IP will not be relayed to your network firewall as the HT2000w is a combo Modem/Router unit that can't be put into a bridged mode.  The best you can do is treat it (the HT2000w) like a normal consumer grade router and forward a set of ports, upto 10 maximum, to your network firewall and then forward again there if you need remote access to the network.

If you are going to configure the WAN interface of your SonicWall with a static IP, you would be best off to get the MAC of the WAN interface and setup a static address on the HT2000w and then put in the same parameters on the firewall that you entered into the HT2000w.

By default your HT2000w will throw out a address with it as the DNS server to devices connected to it.

If you need a guide for basic port forwarding instructions, I have a short simple one at my website: HT2000w Port Forwarding

It works, is it ideal? No.  But, it's better than what we had before, which was zero remote access.

We were looking at the Hughes Satellite interent as a failover service that would work on our Sonicwall just in case our Comcast servce goes out. To me this does not look like it can happen with the limitation that the HT2000w has.

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Depends on how it is setup...

In my case (never played with sonicwall) my firewall pings external addresses that are always up, if primary goes down with failed pings over X seconds, it fails over to another gateway, and when primary comes back it switches back.

Is there not an option to have it switch on its own like that?  Or are you needing more than 10 ports?