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I am very dissapointed in my service. I understand the user agreement and the "no guarentees" part. It is the only service I can get here in "Podunkville" though. I will put up with it until I move, and I can have fiber optic service. I am retired, on a fixed income, and may be stuck without streaming movies until fiber optics comes our way, (supposedly in December). I use a NVidea Shield box, which works very well, but I am all but shut down for streaming movies. I will eventually opt out, and pay the fee. I could opt for watching in bonus hours, but that puts a cramp on my family and personal life. I may try getting a large USB memory stick, and hooking it up to the Shield box. IDK how to do that yet, any suggestions, pointers would be helpful. 

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You may want to look into PlayOn Cloud.  It streams your chosen item to their server and converts it to an .mp4 file, which you then download either automatically, manually, or by scheduling, which means you can take advantage of the Bonus Zone data.  You can then watch that .mp4 file on any device that can play .mp4 files, which most devices today can, including Smart TVs.  Just about all PCs, tablets and phones can, as well.  I watch them on my Smart TV from either a USB flash drive or a USB external hard drive, as my TV has a built in app for playing .mp4 files.  I found out that I can also play them on my DVD player and Blu Ray player, both from USB flash drives and from discs when I write the files to them.  You keep the files forever, and because you're watching them from an already downloaded file there's no buffering.  


The service itself is free, though you buy recording credits, with each credit being good for one item, regardless of the item length, like a half hour TV show or a 3.5 hour movie.  They do have monthly Cloud plans as well, but I like using the recording credits instead (you can use the credits with the plans, as well).  The two biggest catches are that the highest resolution is 720p, and you have to download your chosen items within seven days (unless you buy a plan), as they're deleted from their cloud storage after that.  You also have to have an Android or Apple device for the PlayOn Cloud app.  And, even though the highest is 720p, it still looks very good.  I set my Netflix Playback setting to High, and the resulting PlayOn items look great.  You can also set PlayOn Cloud to record in SD to save on a bit of data, but the difference isn't a lot.  Maybe ~800MB vs ~1GB per hour for SD and HD (720p), respectively.  


I've been using it for a little over a year now, and it's worked very well.  @maratsade uses it as well.  Though I put them on a flash drive or USB drive for viewing, I also write the files to DVDs or BluRays for permanent storage (usually multiple items on each).


It doesn't work with all streaming services, but it does with most of the popular ones.  You can scroll to the bottom of the page in the link posted at the beginning of this reply to see which services it works with.  


If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask.

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