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Using Apple Timecapsule with Gen5 Modem

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Using Apple Timecapsule with Gen5 Modem

I installed a Gen5 modem/router with all wireless channels disabled - ran cat5 from LAN port on Gen5 to WAN port on an Apple Timecapsule. Timecapsule is set to bridge mode (does not assign DHCP or NAT)  Timecapsule is set to create a wireless network. I have three airport expresses wirelessly connected to the Timecapsule in 'Extend a wireless network' mode (one has a printer connected to it) and a fourth airport express connected in 'Join a wireless network' mode with an Ethernet device cabled to it.  I have another Ethernet device cabled directly to the Timecapsule and one NAS server connected to the Timecapsule with USB cable. The Timecapsule is then connected to a network switch from one of its' LAN ports, and then all other Ethernet cables from the house feed to the switch. 


The network seems fairly stable - only fairly, because intermittently random web pages do not want to load, but eventually do after reloading them. 


My my question is first - would anyone care to comment on this configuration?


Second, I am thinking of changing the setup to the following. Cabling the Gen5 directly to the switch - then running a cable from the switch to the WAN port on the Timecapsule (leaving everything else the same). -  would anyone like to comment on that idea?







I just set up a Gen5 HT2000W modem and an Airport Extreme (similar to your Timecapsule.) The configuration I wound up with was much like yours, and has been working fine. I have two Airport Expresses on the LAN which are working well.


One configuration I tried was attaching a gigabit ethernet switch to the HT2000W, and conncecting the AE, other computers, and  printer to the switch. That seemed to work, but I didn't test it thoroughly. I didn't see any advantage over directly connecting the AE to the HT2000W and connecting the LAN to the the ethernet ports on the AE, as you are doing.


I was having problems getting web sites to load until I made sure the "DNS Servers" in the Network System Preferences was set to (the HT2000W).


I'd suggest sticking with your current setup and tweak it if necessary to get things working better.