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Caroline Schaef
New Member

Wifi extender

We have a 4200 sq ft home in a rural area. We just started with Hughes net and so far I have very sketchy service. My wifi service only reaches to the next room and even then comes and goes. Please tell me the best router and wifi extender that works with satellite internet. I bought a wifi extender from TP-link that had great reviews, but it won't work because our internet seems to come and go in waves . Help!!!!!


Hughesnet is offering for sale if you find a price let me know please I've been searching for an hour.  Hughesnet has a wi-fi extender/boooster that works perfect with their new HT2000W Satellite Wi-Fi Modem router. (Not my words) good luck

The Wi-Fi Booster can be connected in just a few simple steps. Use the HughesNet Mobile App Wi-Fi gauge to help find your signal strength in every room. In addition, LED lights on the Booster help you identify the best location to place the device so that it’s the right distance from your router.

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You are welcome!

Hi Caroline,

I hope that our members have provided you helpful advice! I know some of them use extenders and can be a great source of information for your situation. Please let me know if we can help in any other way!

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Some of the higher end Asus models allow this to be done wirelessly
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It's not a good idea to use them as a repeater.  Wirelessly = Repeater = BAD (signal saturation, cross-talk, data collisions, slow-downs on particular bands in many scenarios)  Wired = AP, different channels, devices switch between the channels depending on whats strongest.

I just never would use a Wireless repeater, they are not healthy networking wise IMO.