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Wifi extender

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Re: Wifi extender

It's not a good idea to use them as a repeater.  Wirelessly = Repeater = BAD (signal saturation, cross-talk, data collisions, slow-downs on particular bands in many scenarios)  Wired = AP, different channels, devices switch between the channels depending on whats strongest.

I just never would use a Wireless repeater, they are not healthy networking wise IMO.

Re: Wifi extender

Hughesnet is offering for sale if you find a price let me know please I've been searching for an hour.  Hughesnet has a wi-fi extender/boooster that works perfect with their new HT2000W Satellite Wi-Fi Modem router. (Not my words) good luck

The Wi-Fi Booster can be connected in just a few simple steps. Use the HughesNet Mobile App Wi-Fi gauge to help find your signal strength in every room. In addition, LED lights on the Booster help you identify the best location to place the device so that it’s the right distance from your router.

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Re: Wifi extender

i have a wifi extender and it is a netgear but it is telling me i need to enable the ipv6. I'm new to hughes net and not sure where to go or how to enable the ipv6 in order for the extender to help with my internet cause every night we experience buffing while watching tv.I can have one tv on or two it doesn't matter i have had to call every night so i thought why not plug in my extender and then i ran into this if someone could please help me figure this out 



thank you, shannon

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Re: Wifi extender



Though I can't help you with connecting your WiFi extender, if you're experiencing buffering issues in the evening it's most likely a speed issue, and a WiFi extender isn't going to improve your speed.  The only thing a WiFi extender might help with is if you were having buffering issues caused by a weak signal because of range, but if that were the case you'd be experiencing issues nonstop, regardless of the time of day.  


With that said, hopefully someone can help you get your extender connected. 

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Re: Wifi extender

I'm new to Huges Net and Gen5, my router is setup with my PC in a room at one end of the house, the house is approximately 1700 sq ft.single floor.


I like to use Roku streaming devices and the device that is fartherest from the router is at the other end of the house, this device rceives a weak signal just as it did with my previous ISP.


When I realized that the HT2000W router contained the ability to transmit 2.4GHz and 5GHz I decided to replace my old TPlink extender and install a dual band range extender. The one I chose was the Belkin F9K1106, I dont know what other peoples experiences of this extender are but it works fine for me and cost under $20. The extender configuration took just 10 min with the quick start sheet they provide. Both frequencies went from weak (unusable) to strong/excellent with the extender placed halfway between the router and fartherest point.

hope this helps