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third party range extenders?

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third party range extenders?

Just had HN installed.  I have a "long" house and cannot reliably get Hug2 (forget Hug5) in the separate garage nor out on the lawn overlooking the river.  Distances from the HT2000W are 100' max, but the house does have brick veneer.  The installing tech tried the Hughes range extender which didn't really do anything for either location even as he moved it around (so I didn't buy it and he removed it).  Looking for recommendations on other (more powerful?) products that would be compatible with the HT2000W and allow me to access my sat internet connection from these locations.  I've googled some outside mounted powered extenders, not sure what I should be looking for in specs to avoid conflict with the Hughes stuff already installed.  Ideas or recommendations, please!!!!

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Re: third party range extenders?

The Hughesnet Range Booster should have worked if the installer synced it to the HT2000w properly, and placed it near the fringe area of the 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz signal.

Are you trying to get signal outside your home? Or just increase the signal strength inside?  Would you be against running a network cable through the attic or under the house to the location that is a deadzone for the wifi?  I personally dislike signal repeaters, they can cause more harm than good, and typically suggest if someone has the ability to run a network cable to another access point that is configured with the same SSID, Password, and Encryption type that they do that instead of using the basic signal repeaters.

If you want to use a signal repeater, then most any of them should work, you will just have to configure them manually in most cases, like you would an access point.

The following article should be able to help you decide on a good one, but I will give you a word of caution, avoid the cheaper Netgear units (Such as this one) like they carry the plague!  I work in a returns department at a warehouse where we have to test each thing that comes back, and by far, those things are the absolute worst, and most highly returned extender I have ever seen.  We rarely see ones from the NightHawk lineup, or Amped Wiress brand come back.

I would personally go for the Netgear Nighthawk EX7300, as this can be setup to be either an Access Point using a wired connection back to the router, OR, as an extender/repeater.

If you are needing wifi-access outside, then be prepaired to potentially have to run a network cable to an outside location or two, to get proper coverage outside the home, and outdoors access points tend to be a bit costly for quality ones in my experience.

One last thing I would like to note...  Care to draw a rough map with the location of your HT2000w, and where the signal cuts off at, and where you need it to be present?  How high up from the floor is the HT2000w?  If you can move it just a bit higher, you may get better reception.