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Honorary Alumnus

Log in musings

So far today there have been no issues with auto log off when using my laptop. Very good!

However ...

When attempting a log in while using my Nook HD+ is another story.

From the main page clicking the red upper right "sign in " button loads the sign in page but the Nooks pop up keyboard function is very vague. You can type in a letter or two the the keyboard drops out. Keyboard function works well all all other device functions and websites.

If I move from "the main page" in one level to the "HughesNet Support Community" page I can click the sign-in and have it "take" but when it does it returns you to the "main page" level where it appears you are not yet logged in. If I then click on the Support Community page, then you can see that you are indeed logged in at that point.

Not a real straight forward process.


Later today I'll try logging in from my Samsung Galaxy Tab4 and see if it differs.


Distinguished Professor IV

Since we're talking logins, I can't login if I'm using the Opera browser. Not supported? No biggie, I can just use a different browser, but thought I'd mention it.

Started the Nook  back up after it had dropped off the network. The page was still open but had to go to the second page to log in and it returned to Tha main page. 


On my Samsung now. Had to go though  the same routine to log in.

Will see if it logs me out quickly.