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Message editor


Message editor

  I had such great success with my emoji question I thought I'd ask another question about the message editor. Smiley Embarassed)>


  I often work on the messages I post here in a Linux text editor, and then paste them into the message editor here. I sometimes like "to sleep on it" before posting.  The next day upon rereading, I may make a lot of changes. or decide not to post it at all.

   The problem with doing this is that when pasting, most of my white space disappears, and I have to reedit the message to put the white space back.  I've tried both the RTF and the HTML editors, BTW the latter eats newlines also.


  I just installed WINE and Windows Notepad.  I had great hopes for Notepad, because it's supposed to be a RTF editor, but that didn't help either.


  I'm probably missing something simple.  I know most people here are WIMPs ( Windows icon mouse pushers ), but I thought I'd ask anyway.  Is there's a fix for this, or does the same thing occur with Windows text editors?


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