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Wonderful person in account management

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Wonderful person in account management

Susan **bleep**an has helped me tremendously today.  She is amazing asset to this company and should be commended.  It is because of her patient, caring and gracious spirit that I writing this positive feedback. She went above and beyond helping me today. I can’t say enough. Margaret D.

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Though I don't work for HughesNet, it's still nice to see a compliment on here.  I'm sure that the reps will reply and will also forward your compliment.  🙂  


Edit:  I'm tagging a couple of HughesNet reps to be absolutely sure they don't miss your post.


@Liz , @Damian 

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Hello Living-4-him,


Welcome to our community! We appreciate so much your compliment for Susan and will be sure to pass it along.