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A few things to know About Hughes Net

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A few things to know About Hughes Net

Hi Everyone

i have Hughes Net here in the Country. Having come From Florida and working in the industry for 10 years there.So if you don't want another 2 year Contract from these guys,I went with 2 months left and only got 1 year. Also I demanded to pay how I wanted to pay and not let them tap my Credit card and also told them I didn't want to pay their 5 00 monthly fee,when you all know sending a letter costs what 20 cents, So I got three months of a 20 credit,which is 60.00 so they paid for sending me a bill. I like all of you am disappointed with all their lies,so I don't let them lie to me on the Phone.  I am polite but make them admit they will throttle me,I just bought a Sonos for my Kitchen,so we will see how this goes. I don't think their Gen5 will be better as far as ping times,I think it is all fluff, I can honestly say reliable service ,never need to call for tech support,just crappy speed,crappy throttling etc, I hope this helps someone.


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Re: A few things to know About Hughes Net



The only time a customer is deliberately throttled is when they run out of data, though congestion can cause slower speeds.   


Barring small improvements, Gen5 has roughly the same latency (ping times) as Gen4, as the 89,200+ mile round trip for the signal can never be overcome with a geostationary satellite system.  

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