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Absolutely Livid

As a business customer, I thought I would have been dealt with far better. I am making an official complaint and will follow this up with a legal letter. I have had this service for a little over a couple of months and the service has been the worst I have ever have. Now don't get me wrong, the techs who came and visited my property several times were more than professional but the fact I have had to have techs come out several times because the service is severely under par, is bad. 

As a media publishing and legal marketing company, I rely on the internet and I am just not getting the service. After going through every possible technical issue and having new equipment installed, I am still having problems. Finally, after exhausting all possible avenues, including tech visits, I decided I would have to more than likely part company, but as I was told, in order to do that I would have to pay over 1100 dollars to get out of the contract. When the service is substandard and I am not receiving anywhere near the service level I am supposed to receive, why should I have to pay. What company in their right mind tries to force you to pay them an exorbitant amount after they do not provide you with the service they are supposed to. Even with the obligatory statements of not guaranteeing a speed, there is some caveat that it should be adequate enough for using the net. When sold this, it was sold to me on the basis of being able to do exactly what was needed to run my business. Case after case after case, all possible avenues exhausted yet I am told there's no way I can get out without paying them 1100 or more dollars to do so. 

I am going to take this further and the last agent was not courteous or even remotely understanding. I am severely disappointed in this company. I will make sure I review accordingly and distribute said experience. At the very least, Hughes net should understand for a small company that when you rely on the service to run your business and you can't because it is substandard, why should you be forced into submission and pay what is tantamount to highway robbery.


Hello HelpLawyer, thank you for bringing this to our attention. If you could please send me a private message, I'd like to address your concerns in detail. 


Thank you. 


How can I send you a private message and of course I would like to resolve these issues. 

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I just started this process waiting for a call back from a supervisor.  I fear I will be in the same boat though.

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ASargnet, if you'd like the reps here to address your issues, please start a new thread, as they like to keep their threads separate in order to provide better assistance. You may also want to explain what your issues are.


*I am not a Hughesnet employee or representative. This is a customer-to-customer tech support community, and I am a customer.