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I can log in and obviously see and participate in this forum and can also view my usuage but when I click on billing to pay my bill it either says "oops, not available now" or account not found. How can my account not be found if I am obviously signed into it?! I need to pay my bill and obviously can't. Please fix this ASAP.

Also as a side note, I have been a customer for over a year now (not by choice as you are the only provider where I live) and this service quite frankly is awful. Many times when I am trying to use my internet for even web browsing pages won't load and many days when I try to stream a movie it never happens because of constant buffering...and despite this and also being seldom home you guys always say that I blow through my data quickly causing me to usually have to buy tokens. I live alone, I work 60-80 hours a week so am seldom home and everything is not only shut off but usually unplugged so no updates etc. Happen unexpectedly and when I am home I usually disconnect everything as soon as I am finished using it. My fiance and I have even seen how impossible it was for me to be using as much data as you say I do through monitoring usage after I do things like watch a movie (then check to see how much usage dropped), or even checking usage when I spent 90 percent of my day at work and the other 10 percent home sleeping (again with everything off and unplugged) it makes no sense that I could be possibly using anywhere near as much data as your meter says.

I have had your techs run their tests and some said everything seemed fine on their end ( I must be imagining that I can't load a movie or even a small youtube video without it constantly buffering even when I am on the phone with your tech at that same moment they are saying everything is fine when it is obviously not) and some admittedly said there was an issue with speeds and they sent a tech to switch my modem, that solved the issue very temporarily and now it is back to slow or seldom working when I actually need it too and data somehow still blowing down the drain.

I actually gave up calling tech support because i either get "there is no problem on our end" or a tech not understanding that I live in the middle of nowhere with no home phone service other than yours and no cell signal unless I drive miles down the road so when I call you I either need to call you from the phone I have with you guys or drive down the road and call you from my cell phone. If I call from the house phone I am told that they need to reset things and I remind them if they do they will loose me, they say they will call back in a few minutes after a reset but never do so I end up calling back once the system resets and never get the same person so have to explain the entire situation and what was tried already to yet another person... by the time this happens 3 or 4 times it starts to become very time consuming and annoying.

I do not have hours to go through this endless loop of calls to tech support. They do say to give the case number if disconnected when calling back which I do but it seems the last person either didn't put their most recent notes in yet, the next person has a difference of opinion of what the last person attempted to do, or they have me re-do everything I just did with the first 3 people I spoke too... it is very frustrating and at that point (usually at about an hour or two into this craziness) I usually just give up and hang up and am still left with a service that doesnt work correctly. When I have tried to call on my cell phone from down the road because of no cell signal at my house it is not helpful either because there is nothing much that can be done not being right next to my modem apparently. One day I did play taxi with a tech who had me drive back and forth to my house a few times to log into the system management page (the one that starts with 192....) and note the error codes and then drive up the road again to call them back because the home phone service through you guys wasn't working that day either but because everytime I drove back and forth I had to call back due to losing cell signal I was in that never ending loop of explaining the issue to yet another person and again having that person have no idea what I was talking about or having a difference of opinion from the person I was speaking with previously....meanwhile having my neighbors probably start to think I'm a crazy person for keeping on driving up and down my road so many times in such a short time frame only to pull over periodically in a place with good cell signal to call whichever tech back.

It seems to me that I have put forth much more effort in trying to get any service let alone good service with you guys than you guys have invested in me as a customer. I may be moving to a new location very soon but will be thankful that area provides other options in providers because at this point Hughesnet will not be included in my move. In the meantime can you at least fix my log in page ASAP so I can pay for the lack of services I do have while I am still enrolled in your service?

Hello Star,


Thank you for reaching out to us. Currently, it appears some customers are experiencing a similar issue when attempting to make payments online while logged in. It is currently being worked on by our engineering team and should be resolved within the next few weeks or less. In the meantime, I recommend logging out of your account then clicking on the "Pay now" option at the top of the support center home page. This will bring you to a page where you will have to type in your account information. If this doesn't work, you can make a one-time payment over the phone by calling 866-347-3292.


In regards to your service, I apologize for the experience you are having. It appears your equipment is fully operational and receiving adequate speeds currently. It seems the Roku device you have connected uses the most data on average. While you may not be using your devices often, they do pull large amounts of data over time when in use. I recommend taking advantage of your Bonus Zone from 2 AM to 8 AM. You do not need to be awake for this, but it is recommended to schedule any downloads or updates for this period of time since you normally have most of this data remaining each month.