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Bad Service and lies


Bad Service and lies

The sppeds are nothing like the commercials say, it takes forever for me to get pages to load, but when I call they always say my speeds are great, I don't think they know what great is. Then I was having a new roof put on my house and called the tech to see what needed to be done, he said it would be $125 for the service call and $250 per hour to get me back up and running or I could sign up for their monthly service fee which would be same day or next day for $27.00 per month so I did that, then the tech guy shows up at my home 5 days later and says he doesn't move the satellite and it might be a couple weeks before they can schedule someone to get me up and running! I run a business from my home I can't afford to be withpout service for that long! So I drug the satellite up to my roof and drilled it back into place myself while the tech went and got lunch then came back and pushed a couple buttons on his computer. Then the next month they draft $490.00 out of my bank account instead of the $107.00 that I was expecting and tell me the service wasn't covered by the monthly service fee I paid for. This is the most unprofessional company i have ever dealt with, not only did they lie to me when I called ahead of time but then they turn around and rob me after I did the heavy lifting myself and the tech said everything was good. I hope they do pull the calls and I want copies of them.


Re: Bad Service and lies

Good morning Lisatenbrink,


Thanks for posting, your feedback is important so I'll send this over to our enterprise department for them to address. This community forum is geared towards residential customers so I have limited capabilites when it comes to SME accounts.


  Your patience and understanding are much appreciated.




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