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Bill raised and still under 24 month contract.

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Bill raised and still under 24 month contract.

Hey it seems my bill went from $135.75 to $163.41, Can anyone help me understand why it went up almost $30?

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Did you maybe have a discount that expired?

Discount was supposed to last the contract, 24 months. Over draft fees due to this has ruined Christmas. I cannot wait for Star link.

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The reps on this site will be here tomorrow --- they'll sort this out for you. 

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Have you looked at the invoice breakdown on the My Bill page of the HughesNet My Account site to see what the increase is from?  If you click on the blue entries in the invoice it will open up to give you a more thorough breakdown of that line.  You can them compare invoices to see what's different.    


The reps can likely look at your history to determine the discount schedule.

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I was under the impression discount was for entire time of commitment also.
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Mine too. I was just told the discount period ended. I guess we made a 24 month commitment to the price the Company did not.
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The 24-month commitment is set for all subscribers -- any discounts are at the discretion of the ISP.  Do you have any hard evidence that you were promised a discount over the life of the agreement? If you can produce that, you may be able to get the discount re-applied. 


Cush1966 wrote:
Mine too. I was just told the discount period ended. I guess we made a 24 month commitment to the price the Company did not.





Thank you for reaching out to us. I apologize for the delay and I am sorry to hear the overdraft fees have affected your holiday plans. When reviewing your billing information, it appears this increase in your bill was specifically due to two of your 12-month promotional discounts running out at the same time. We normally inform our customers of discounts that are coming close to an end to get them prepared to pay for the actual price of their service plan. It is clear that this was not discussed with you during any of your recent calls. While I can't initiate another simultaneous 12-month discount of this nature, I would still like to assist you in some way. Please send me a private message detailing the extent of your overdraft fees and I will do my best to work with you.



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