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Cancel Account after Service contract ends

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Cancel Account after Service contract ends

I called and cancelled my service on the last day of my service plan. Was informed that i would receive a confirmation, have not received it yet How can i know if they actually cancelled it or not?
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Wait for the reps to be back. They can confirm this for you.


Hello James3179,


Thank you for posting and welcome to the community. I can confirm that your account has officially entered the cancellation process. Each account has a grace period after cancellation which means the service remains active for a little while. This is in place just in case the customer changes their mind and wants to re-initiate the service. Your grace period is set to end on 12/25/2021. Service will also end on this day. Once this date comes, a return box will be sent to the address on file. You will have exactly 45 days from that date to return the equipment to us. Sending the equipment back within this timeframe will ensure there are no equipment fees applied to your account. I can provide you with a tracking number once your grace period ends and the box is sent out. We do hope you were able to find another ISP that works for you.