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Cancel service without ETF

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Cancel service without ETF

I’m in my second month of service and I’m severely disappointed. I was lied to by the representative when I ordered the service concerning the data usage and HughesNet compression. They told me that with your compression I would not need more than 20 GB data. You tricked me by giving me extra data the first month so I didn’t have my speeds reduced. The speed was reduced to less than 1 mbps when I exceeded my limit. When I tried to call and cancel the person insisted on trying to tell me how to conserve my data. I want to cancel effective the end of the billing cycle. Because I was lied to and your deceptive practice I feel I shouldn’t be charged the early termination fees.

Phil Anderson 


Re: Cancel service without ETF




After reviewing the sales call, I determined that the sales agent misinformed you about the service and we will be waiving the early termination fee. Please call us and reference case number, 116346591 to cancel.


Thank you,