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Cancelled my Hughesnet Service and was still charged

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Cancelled my Hughesnet Service and was still charged



I called on July 2 to cancel my service after completing my service agreement and was assured I would not be charged for July. Today my bank account and was automatically debited for $69.99. I did not authorize this transaction. When I called today, the first agent I spoke to said that the gentleman who assisted me on July 2 did not process my cancellation correctly and advised me to call back to speak with billing about a refund. I called billing and they said that they see where the gentleman made the error and can listen to the phone call, but they cannot refund me for ten more days. I also asked for a confirmation of my cancellation as I am a little nervous now that I will continue to be charged, but they said they cannot send anything to me. I really wasn't expecting to be charged for July (since my service was cancelled) and now I am out $69.99. My case number is 122440406. Can you help?



Re: Cancelled my Hughesnet Service and was still charged

Hello @azmckee,



Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to the community. I am sorry to hear you experienced this. There is, unfortunately, nothing that can be done to make the 10-day process faster. This is a set parameter for our refund system. In regards to cancellation confirmation, you can log into your support center account and view your final bill as well as check your email once your grace period has ended. You will receive an automated email confirmation of your terminated status. As it stands, what you paid was your final bill, and there are no scheduled payments to be deducted from the account going forward. If you are concerned with your payment method being automatically charged in the future, I recommend calling into our support line and having your payment method switched to the invoice option, after you receive the refund. It is important to not change the payment method right away, as it must be the same payment method used that receives the refund. After receiving the refund, switching to the invoice option would also allow you to receive confirmation of your final bill in paper form.