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Change the name on business account

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Change the name on business account

I want to change the name on our business account due to divorce. Do I really have to make a call or can someone do it online for me? 
Assistant Professor

Most likely Monday before you hear from one of the official reps but I'd bet that is something that has to be done over the phone.
Honorary Alumnus

As BirdDog said it will be at least Monday before the Mods return.
Having said that, there IS a "change of ownership" routine for residential accounts but it does take the original account owner to call and start the change of ownership process.

If you think about it, this is necessary to protect users from every Tom, Dick and Harry (to say nothing od disgruntled spouses) from altering or discontinuing service by just anyone.

Hello timi2,

Welcome to our community! Unfortunately we mainly deal with residential customer concerns, so I am not sure the exact process for name changes on the business side. The phone to our business support is 1-866-347-3272, they will be the ones to know. Please post back if you have any further concerns.

Thank you