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Confirming temporary suspension of service

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Confirming temporary suspension of service

I set up a Temporary suspension of service via Phone Support. How do I know that it is in effect? Web account says ACTIVE, 27 days in Billing Period, automatic payment enabled. How can I be sure next month's payment will not be automatically debited?


It is official as I just got an email from HughesNet confirming that our service is "voluntarily" suspended. Thanks again for your help.

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Distinguished Professor IV

You can call again and ask, or you can wait until one of the mods on this site sees your post and responds, which hopefully will be within a day or two.  Regarding the suspension of service, keep in mind you will still have to pay the equipment fee and taxes, so they will debit your account for that.




Thank you for reaching out and welcome to the community. After reviewing the billing info for the account, no suspension has been placed on the account. I see a suspension request was made through email support but we do not allow such actions. Suspensions are to be solely done over the phone due to account security. This also means a suspensions cannot be processed through this community either. I can, however, relay some account info. I was unable to find record of a case or a phone conversation in which a suspension request was made via phone support. Was there a signal disconnection? 


Also, what maratsade said is completely accurate. 



Thanks for looking in to this. Wow so they are denying the phone call  I had on May 2 with supervisor Thomas that lasted 50 minutes! If there was a problem Thomas should have called me back or sent a e-mail.  I have a record that I made the call and there should be a recording on HughesNet's end. In fact one of the e-mail "support" people claimed to have reviewed it but he obviously did not as he stated things about the call that were not true. I tried repeatedly to get email support to understand but they just repeated the same set response- "that I had to call Phone Support".  Again, I set it up via Phone support but needed confirmation. This seems to be clear fraud to me what do I do now?   This is a vacation home and we are done with our 2 yr. commitment.   Oh and we own the equipment so there won't be any equipment fees or taxes.

Distinguished Professor IV

"This seems to be clear fraud to me what do I do now? "


Not fraud, clear or otherwise. Very likely a mistake and/or miscommunication. Call them again, do the request again, ask for a case number as a reference. If they gave you a case number, send it to @Damian so he can check to see what happened. 

Ok I did as your suggested and called and was promised service suspension would start today 5/9/24 but it has not. I did get a case # and sent it to Damian. So we will see if it is just another "mistake" or deliberate policy, What has other people's experience been? We can't be the only people with a vacation cabin.

Distinguished Professor IV

It's not deliberate policy; that'd be against the law, pointless, and not worth their time.  It's likely an error or even incompetence.  Hopefully Damien can give you some assurances that the suspension went through and it's working.  When you say the suspension hasn't started today, do you mean you still have service, or that it still shows as active on the account info page, or both? Maybe it'll take 24 hours. If it's still on tomorrow you may want to call again and use the reference number they gave you.  

You're not the only one with a cabin.

Both we still have service and it shows active on the account page. Yes, maybe it is just another "mistake" definitely lousy customer service. I still want to know since this is a community forum what other people's experience has been?



The case number you provided does notate the suspension request with phone support. I see the account was successfully placed on suspension today for 6 months and you should expect the service to be stopped within 24 hours. This is according to the notes from the case. I apologize for any misunderstandings that took place during the first conversation with support. -Damian 

Thanks for the information. When does the 24 hrs. start? From the time of the call?

As to "any misunderstanding" it was not just the first phone support call it continued with about 7 different e-mail support people none of whom  even bothered to read my e-mail.  I am new here so I have no idea if this is just a one-time thing. Thanks again for you help and let us hope that the service WILL be actually suspended.

It is official as I just got an email from HughesNet confirming that our service is "voluntarily" suspended. Thanks again for your help.